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  Homeownership & Home Repair HeRO Program


HeRO Program

Home Repair Opportunity Program



Eligible Properties:



Owner-occupied homes, including but not limited to inherited property, homes involving a life estate and homes held in living trusts


Mobile and manufactured homes that are situated on land meeting owner occupancy rules; is permanently affixed to the land and connected to utilities; all wheels, axles and hitches removed; and includes construction standards that meet Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards


Must be at least three years old


Must have been occupied by the current homeowner for at least three years


Must have a value equal to or less than the Maximum Property Value, which for the purposes of the HeRO program is defined as the value of a home after rehabilitation which may not exceed 95 percent of the area median purchase price for the county within which the property is located, as determined by HUD and found at the following link:


Locate Missouri on the chart, and find the county in which the property is located to determine the correct Maximum Property Value.

No more than $22,500 may be awarded to an eligible property with respect to the homeowner.

Please refer to the HeRO Policy and Guidelines for assistance in determining if a property is eligible for the HeRO funds and all rules governing the program.


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