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  Homeownership & Home Repair HeRO Program


HeRO Program

Home Repair Opportunity Program



Who Is Eligible As A Sub-Grantee:


A community action agency

Eligible Sub-Grantees must demonstrate the capability and expertise necessary to administer a home repair program. An eligible Sub-Grantee must have:


Previously acted as a recipient or a sub-recipient of HOME funds used for the purpose of single family rehabilitation activity; or


Previously acted as a Sub-Grantee of MHDC in administering the HeRO program; or


Previously acted as a Grantee of MHDC in administering a Trust Fund grant provided for the purpose of home repair; or


Be able to demonstrate that at least one staff member is able to work as the primary administrator of the HeRO program, and such staff member has at least three years of direct experience in project management or construction and rehabilitation, and such staff member has at least one year of experience in administering a program involving state or federal funding.









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