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  Homeownership & Home Repair Repairing a home


HeRO Program

HOME Repair Opportunity Program


What Can Be Done

Only specific types of work are eligible for funding under the HeRO program. These include:


Rehabilitation: The repair or updating of existing systems, including: HVAC, plumbing or electrical wiring, repair or replacement of all or part of a roof, interior or exterior painting including necessary preparation, permanent floor coverings, replacement siding, and repair of sidewalks/steps/porches/railings etc.


Lead Risk Reduction: The removal or encapsulation of lead or lead-bearing wood trim, siding, interior or exterior walls, windows, gutters etc.; the removal of contaminated carpeting or flooring; removal and/or replacement of contaminated topsoil, etc. to reduce the possibility of lead poisoning.


Weatherization: Activities determined to reduce heating and/or cooling costs, and to improve the overall safety and comfort of the home. Repair or replacement of HVAC, installation of insulated windows, caulking, sealing of exterior walls, etc.


Accessibility: Activities that will make an elderly or disabled person better able to enter or move about their home, or to improve the overall quality of life. This includes improvements to allow the elderly to age in place, including ramps, lifts (but not elevators), re-locating light switches and service outlets, widening doorways, lowering kitchen counters, installing roll-in showers, etc.


Units may receive multiple services, but total grant cannot exceed $20,000.