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Program Description

The Missouri Housing Trust Fund was created by the state Legislature in 1994 to help meet the housing needs of very low income families and individuals. The Missouri Housing Development Commission administers the Trust Fund, which provides funding for a variety of housing needs, such as homeless prevention; rehab or new construction of rental housing, rental assistance; and home repair.


Type of Assistance

Grants to organizations providing housing assistance to individuals.

Eligibility Requirements

Developers or non-profit organizations that provide housing and/or related services may apply. Applicants must demonstrate prior, successful housing experience and have the financial capacity to successfully complete and operate the housing and/or service proposed. Provider of services must have qualified and trained staff, and a successful record of providing the proposed services.

Proposed housing proposals must:


Meet a demonstrated need for housing for very low income persons;


Provide housing and related services in compliance with the statute;


Leverage Trust Fund dollars with other grants or loans, tax credits, or other forms of subsidy;


Provide housing and/or housing services to persons below 50 percent of median income with corresponding rents or fees;


Be economically feasible.

Fund Availability

The Trust Fund is supported by a $3 recording fee on all real estate documents filed in the state of Missouri. The annual funding level depends upon the level of real estate activity.

Application Process

The Commission sets the schedule annually.  Typically, a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) is published during the month of June.  The deadline for proposal submission is September, and recommendations are made to the Commission in December.  The NOFA and application packet are accessible via the MHDC website.









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