June 1, 2009


Missouri Housing Trust Fund


The Missouri Housing Development Commission (MHDC) hereby notifies interested not-for-profit or for-profit corporations of the availability of funds to provide assistance to very low income Missourians. The funds are as indicated below:

bullet$3,000,000 (estimated) from the Missouri Housing Trust Fund


Please take note of the Allocation Plan (Form #: MHTF-110), which details the allocation plan established by MHDC.


Applications for funding will be accepted by MHDC until 4:30 p.m. CDT on September 11, 2009. All applications received after the deadline will be rejected and returned to the sender. Decisions regarding funding of proposals will be made by the Commission in December.



bulletAll persons assisted by the Missouri Housing Trust Fund must have incomes at or below 50% of the median income for the geographic area adjusted for family size.
bulletAll proposals must reflect an ability to leverage funds from sources other than funding that MHDC may allocate.
bulletAll proposals must be submitted on the current year’s application form included on the MHDC website.
bulletApplicants must be either a not-for-profit or for-profit corporation or partnership entity formed pursuant to applicable Missouri law and must be an entity in good standing with the State of Missouri. Trust Fund monies may not be awarded to individuals.
bulletAdditional requirements are detailed within the Application/Proposal Guide (Form #: MHTF-115).


Additional Considerations:


bullet50% of the Missouri Housing Trust Fund must be used to assist persons with incomes at or below 25% of the median income for the geographic area, adjusted for family size.
bulletProposals targeted towards homeless (individuals that lack a fixed regular and adequate nighttime residence) will receive special consideration.
bulletAdditional considerations are detailed within the Application/Proposal Guide (Form #: MHTF-115).


Contact Information:

If there are any questions please contact:


bulletAlissa Smet, Trust Fund Accountant
Phone - (816) 759-6696,
Email – asmet@mhdc.com

Please send all applications to:

bulletMissouri Housing Development Commission
Missouri Housing Trust Fund
3435 Broadway
Kansas City, Mo 64111



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