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FY 2019

Housing Assistance

bullet MHTF-212 HA Back Up Form

Operating Funds


bullet MHTF-213 OP Back Up Form

Home Repair

bullet MHTF-214 HR Back Up Form
bullet MHTF-219 HR Inspection Report
bullet MHTF-220 HR Completion Certification
bullet MHTF-217 2 Year Regulatory Agreement  
bullet MHTF-218 5 Year Regulatory Agreement  
bullet MHTF Regulatory Agreement Summary of Requirements


bullet MHTF-215 CR Back Up Form
bullet MHTF-234 Certificate of Continuing Compliance Construction

Emergency Assistance

bullet MHTF-216 EA Back Up Form

Other Documents

bullet CI-100 Direct Deposit Form
bullet CI-101 Authorized Signature Card
bullet CI-102 Site Contact Form
bullet CI-103 Self-declaration of Income Form
bullet CI-104 Housing Status Certification
bullet CI-105 Self-declaration of Housing Status
bullet CI-107 CoC Attendance Form UPDATED 12.20.2019
bullet CI-108 MHDC Consent
bullet CI-109 Certification of Zero Income
bullet CI-113 Staff Certification Form
bullet MHTF-200 Desk Guide
bullet MHTF-204 Income Verification Summary Worksheet   
bullet MHTF-206 AMI Limits
bullet MHTF-207 Fair Market Rents
bullet MHTF-209 Sources & Uses
bullet MHTF-211 Request for Payment
bullet MHTF-233 RA Client Contribution Certification
bullet MHTF-235 Employer Verification Worksheet
bullet MHTF-427 Close Out Form POSTED  12.20.2019




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