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2003-08-22 Media Release  



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Media Release – August 22, 2003

Contact:  Brandon Laster, 816-759-6692



Funding available for housing assistance for low-income families


The Missouri Housing Development Commission has announced the availability of $5.5 million for agencies and organizations providing housing services for low-income families in Missouri in 2003.


Trust Fund monies must be used to financially assist the development of housing and provide housing services to very low-income individuals and families.  All persons assisted by the MHTF must have income at, or below, 50 percent of the median family income for the geographic area (adjusted for family size).  Half of the MHTF must be used to assist individuals or families with income at or below 25 percent of the median family income for the geographic area.


The MHTF is designed to increase affordable housing opportunities for low-income families.  Eligible MHTF activities include homeless prevention, homeless shelter operating funds, transitional housing operating funds, on-site social service programs for low-income housing, rental assistance, home weatherization and repair, and construction/rehabilitation of homeless and transitional housing facilities.


The process of granting or loaning funds to housing providers across the state is accomplished by the comparison of competing applications and selection is based on need, location, targeted population served, funds leveraged, coordination with the community and experience of the providers.

The Trust Fund is supported by a set aside of $3 recording fee from all real estate documents filed in the State of Missouri. The annual funding level depends upon the level of real estate activity.  This year’s real estate activity produced $5.5 million in funding.  Last year, MHDC received 165 applications requesting more than $15.4 million in MHTF funding.  In January 2003, the Commission approved 86 grants totaling $5.2 million in funding for agencies and organizations providing housing assistance for low-income families.

The Commission will accept applications until 4:00 p.m., Central Daylight Time, on October 20, 2003 in their Kansas City office at 3435 Broadway, Kansas City, MO 64111.  Decisions regarding proposals will be made during the month of January 2004.


Applicants with access to the internet to see our Web site at www.mhdc.com to obtain the 2004 Application Packet, including the MHTF Program Guide, Proposal Information Guide, Application, Selection Criteria and Allocation Plan.  These documents are also available on a computer diskette.  To request a diskette or printed copy of the Application Packet, please contact Mary Cason at 816.759.7236. 



NOTE TO EDITORS: Media representative questions can be directed to Brandon Laster, Public Information Officer, at 816.759.6692 or e-mail blaster@mhdc.com.







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