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2004-12-17c - Media Release  



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Media Release Dec. 17, 2004

Funded List


Commission awards 124 grants totaling $6 million for housing programs


The Missouri Housing Development Commission awarded 124 grants to organizations providing housing assistance for low-income families in Missouri during their Dec. 17 meeting at the Marriott Hotel Country Club in Kansas City. The grants will provide $6 million in funding for these agencies. This year, MHDC received a record 226 applications requesting more than $20.7 million in funding.


The Missouri Housing Trust Fund (MHTF) is designed to increase affordable housing opportunities for low-income families. Funding through the Housing Trust Fund must be used to assist the development of housing or provide housing services to very low-income Missourians.


Eligible MHTF activities include programs providing emergency assistance for homeless prevention, permanent housing for the homeless, rental assistance, home repair, construction/rehabilitation of homeless and transitional housing facilities, and program operating support.


The entire list of funded agencies is available at here.


Staff has reviewed all of the applications received in October 2004, including two statewide proposals. Proposals cover service in every county in the state.




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