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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009


POSTED DATE ITEM  (most recent listed on first)
01-04-2010 Gap Funding Tracking Updated 09/08/10
09-28-2009 TCAP Documents: Anti-Lobbying Certifications for General Contractors and Subcontractors
08-12-2009 Firm Submission Documents and Guidelines
07-31-2009 2009 Gap Funding Round Approvals
07-24-2009 2009 Gap Funding Round Recommendations Revised 7/30/09
07-12-2009 2009 Gap Funding Round Applications Received
07-12-2009 Approved TCAP Competitive Selection Process
06-19-2009 2009 Gap Funding Round Note: Gap Funding Round closed 7/7/09
05-18-2009 Draft TCAP Competitive Selection Process Document
05-18-2009 Public Comment Posting Area regarding Draft TCAP Document
05-15-2009 Notice of Public Hearing to be held May 21
02-27-2009 ARRA Update 02-27-2009
02-20-2009 Basic Summary of the Act

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