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Q: How do I access MHDC’s Asset Management Reporting System?

A: Please log on to Access is granted by entering the project’s user name and password. MHDC’s Asset Management Department will notify each property and issue login information when the property is required to begin reporting. Existing properties can retrieve their password via e-mail by using the Forgot Password? function on the login screen.


Q: How does the system know where to send a password when one is requested?

A: Passwords are sent to the primary, regional, financial, occupancy, and general partner contacts noted in MHDC’s Asset Management System. MHDC requires the contact module to be updated and current at all times. At minimum, all contact information must include a contact name and e-mail address.


Q: What will I be required to enter in AMRS?

A: Properties with 13 or more units will be required to report the number of vacant units for each bedroom size and provide the number of people listed on the property’s waiting list into the AMRS system. In cases where occupancy has dropped below 85%, the property will be required to answer additional questions to better explain the reasons for the underperforming occupancy.


Q: What are the questions that I would be required to answer if my property’s occupancy has dropped below 85%?

A: The following questions are required to be answered if occupancy has dropped below 85%:
• Explain why occupancy is below 85%
• Explain what steps are being taken to boost occupancy
• Provide how many move-outs occurred during the month, and why
• Provide how many phone calls/inquiries were received during the month
• Provide how many applications were received during the month

Note: The responses to these questions will be used to update the commission watch list. Please be as detailed as possible.


Q: What happens if I fail to report my occupancy information by the 10th of the month?

A: Properties that miss the 10th of the month reporting date will be placed in automatic noncompliance on the 11th day of each month. Noncompliance will be removed once all unsubmitted months are reported in AMRS.


Q: What does “Noncompliance Status” mean?

A: Noncompliance Status is a term used by MHDC when a project fails to submit any information as prescribed under the Regulatory Agreement, Land Use Restriction Agreement (LURA) or respond to any MHDC inquiry within the allotted time frame. Lack of response to MHDC’s request is a direct violation of the Regulatory Agreement and/or LURA+. MHDC will not process any future requests (replacement reserve withdrawal, rent increases, surplus cash, etc.) from a project until the noncompliance issue is resolved. Excessive noncompliance is reported to the commission which could affect future business with MHDC.




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