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Q: How do I access MHDC’s Asset Management Reporting System?

A: Please log on to Access is granted by entering the project’s user name and password. The user name and password is the same user name and password used to access the property’s budget and financial statement modules. MHDC’s Asset Management Department will issue login information for all new properties. Existing properties can retrieve their password via e-mail by using the Forgot Password? function on the login screen.


Q: How does the system know where to send a password when one is requested?

A: Passwords are sent to the primary, regional, financial, and general partner contacts noted in MHDC’s Asset Management System. MHDC requires the contact module to be updated and current at all times. At minimum, all contact information must include a contact name and e-mail address.


Q: What will I be required to enter in AMRS?

A: Properties with 13 or more units will be required to submit operating reserve requests with all required supporting documentation into the AMRS system.


Q: What are the required items for submitting an operating reserve request?

A: The following items will be required to be entered and uploaded into the AMRS system before an operating reserve request may be processed:
• Must provide the invoice amount for work/service performed
• Must provide copies of invoices and cancelled checks (if applicable) for all work/services performed
• Must provide vendor name, and vendor billing information if MHDC needs to pay vendor directly
• Must provide before and after pictures of all items replaced/repaired
• Must provide a year to-date internal balance sheet and income statement indicating an operating shortfall


Q: What is MHDC’s turnaround time for processing insurance claim payment requests?

A: Operating Reserve requests are to be processed within 30 days from the date MHDC receives the property’s request in the AMRS system. This turnaround time should be communicated to your vendor. MHDC processes requests in the order they are received. Turnaround times should be considered in determining how long the property holds the request before submitting it to MHDC. Note: The turnaround clock does not start until all required information is submitted.




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