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Section 3

  Items traditionally contemplated as ineligible for draws from this Fund include capital items such as (but not limited to):

1. Repainting of interior areas of projects. Note: A separate interior painting reserve for this kind of work may be established by mutual agreement and consent of the concerned parties.

2. Replacement of range burners, bibs, oven elements, controls, valves, wiring, etc.

3. Replacement of dwelling unit air conditioning components such as fan motors and window unit compressors.

4. Minor repairs to central air conditioning and heating systems such as valve replacements and the cleaning of boiler interiors.

5. Minor roof repairs, including minor repairs to gutters and downspouts.

6. Minor paving repairs.

7. Caulking and sealing.

8. Window and screen repairs.

9. Purchase of maintenance tools and equipment such as lawn mowers or snow blowers.

10. Purchase of minor office equipment.

11. Inspection/recharging/replacement of fire extinguishers.

12. Other items generally considered to be routine maintenance.

13. Any items not found on 5 Year Projection of Replacement Reserve uses Form.