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Program Description

The Affordable Housing Tax Credit is a Missouri state tax credit authorized by the MHDC to business firms that engage in providing affordable housing assistance contributions to not for profit neighborhood organizations. These contributions must be used in the construction or rehabilitation of affordable housing units. The amount of tax credit shall not exceed 55% of the value of the contribution.

Asset Management

All developments, including single family homes, will be subject to an Affordability Period of 10 Years. Eligible tenantís income, for this program, is limited to 50% of the AMI.

During this Affordability Period MHDC will inspect the property and tenant files at least once every three (3) years, or more frequent if other MHDC Programs are involved.

The following forms are required on all Affordable Housing Tax Credits:

ANNUAL Forms: To be sent to the St. Louis Compliance Office



Owners Certification of Continuing Compliance - See Form AHAP-355 on this page.


Annual Occupancy Reporting - See Form AHAP-356 on this page.


TENANT FILE Forms:  To be kept in the tenant files



Tenant Income Certification - See Form AHAP-360 on this page.


Unit Certification - See Form AHAP-365 on this page.





Candace Maupins, Program Compliance Administrator, cmaupins@mhdc.com, 816-759-6856



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