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For all competitive and non-competitive programs.

Please note that these forms and documents apply to all competitive and non-competitive Rental Production programs (9% LIHTC, 4% LIHTC, HOME, MHDC Risk Share, Tax Credit, MHDC Fund Balance). The deadline for the submission of applications for the 2011 NOFA is 4:30 pm Central on November 8, 2010.


bullet Developerís Guide: NOFA Application
bullet 10% Test
bullet FIN-125 Application Checklist
For Non-Property Disposition Priority

For Property Disposition Priority
bullet Frequently Asked Questions




Checklist Items


  1. CD-R
  2. FIN-100 Rental Housing Programs Application
    FIN-100 Addendum

  3. Application Fee
  4. Development Narrative
    Development Questionnaire

  5. Site Review Information
    Form 1302 Site Evaluation

    Environmental Review Guidelines Form 1400

  6. Applicant Site Control
    Application Site Control Memorandum

  7. Market Study
    Form 1300-S

    Market Study Standards

  8. Preliminary Financing Commitments
    MHDC Guidelines for Preliminary Financing Commitments

  9. Site Control
    FIN-305 Seller Certification

    Application Site Control Memorandum

  10. Public Official Contact Verification and Other Support Letters
  11. Statutorily Required Documentation
    IRS Form 8821 Tax Information Authorization

    Missouri Form 8821 Authorization to Release Confidential Information

    FIN-109 Legal Employment Practices Certification

  12. Housing Priority Documentation
    Non-Profit Questionnaire

    CHDO Recertification Form R-100

    CHDO Reference Materials
    ▪ Property Disposition Guide (pending)
  13. Zoning Letter
    Sample Zoning Letter

  14. Architectural Items
    Development Characteristics Worksheet

    Design/Construction Compliance Guidelines Form 1200

    Physical Needs Assessment Guidelines

  15. Sustainable Housing Items (New Developments Only)
  16. Relocation
    Acceptance of MHDC Relocation Policy: Application Stage

    MHDC Relocation Guide

  17. Homeownership Plan
    MHDC Homeownership Policy

  18. PHA Approved Utility Allowance
  19. Developer and General Partner Information
    FIN-105 Experience Summary

    FIN-107 Developer Qualifications

  20. Management Company
    FIN-105 Experience Summary

    MHDC Form 2004-B Management Entity Profile


Request for Waiver of Application Requirement

bullet Application Waiver Form


Reference Materials


bullet Maximum Income/Max Rents (HUD Limits)
bullet Maximum Development Cost Limits
bullet Qualified Census Tracts and Difficult Development Areas


Adobe PDF Document Microsoft Word Document Microsoft Excel Document

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