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2012 Awardees
Item Document
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  Environmental Review Checklist
  Environmental Review Guidelines Form 1400
  Firm Submission Checklist
2 FIN-101 - Identity of Parties
  Legal Department Forms
4 MHDC required Bylaw language for Corporation (tax credit only deals)
  MHDC required Bylaw language for Corporation (with MHDC loan)
  MHDC required LLC language (tax credit only deals)
  MHDC required LLC language (with MHDC loan)
  MHDC required LPA language (tax credit only deals)
  MHDC required LPA language (with MHDC loan)
8 Title Insurance Requirements
9 Preparation and Review Guidelines for Surveys and Surveyor’s Reports UPDATED 03-21-2012
  Surveyor’s Report
> HUD Survey Instructions

> Surveyor's Report HUD-92457M
10 MHDC 3345 Plan Review Worksheet
11 Design/Construction Compliance Guidelines Form 1200
  Federal Labor Standards Provisions HUD-4010
  Supplementary Conditions of the Contract for Construction HUD-2554
14 Termite Inspection Report
15 Exhibit A Amendment to A1ADocument B108-2009 updated 01-04-2013
16c/21b FIN-116 Credit Summary
16d/21d FIN-105 Experience Summary
17 Equal Employment Opportunity Certification HUD-92010
18 FIN-115 Contractor’s/Mortgagor’s Cost Breakdown
19 FIN-150 Construction Draw Schedule
  FIN-150I Instructions for Construction Draw Schedule
20 MHDC Guidelines for Preliminary Financing Commitments
21 Asset Management Forms
22 Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan
24 Management/Maintenance Plan - See Exhibit A-1 here
25 Tax Credit Lease Addendum - See Exhibit O here
  HOME Lease Addendum - See Exhibit R here
26 FIN-117 Lease-up Schedule
28 Relocation Guidelines and Forms
29 Section 3 Guidelines
31 Homeownership Policy
  Waiver Form

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