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Rental Production > Firm Submission Documents and Guidelines


2017 Awardees
Item Document
  Environmental Review Checklist
  Environmental Review Guidelines Form 1400
  Firm Submission Checklist
2 FIN-101 - Identity of Parties
4 MHDC required LLC language (tax credit only deals)
  MHDC required LLC language (with MHDC loan)
  MHDC required LPA language (tax credit only deals)
  MHDC required LPA language (with MHDC loan)
9 Title Insurance Requirements
10 Survey Guidelines   UPDATED 06/06/17
11 Surveyor's Report UPDATED 06/06/17
12 MHDC 3345 Plan Review Worksheet
13 Design/Construction Compliance Guidelines Form 1200
  Federal Labor Standards Provisions HUD-4010
  Supplementary Conditions of the Contract for Construction HUD-2554
14 Development Characteristics Worksheet
17 MHDC Termite Certification
18 Exhibit A Amendment to A1ADocument B108-2009
19c FIN-116 Credit Summary
19d FIN-105 Experience Summary
20 Equal Employment Opportunity Certification HUD-92010
21 FIN-115 Contractor’s/Mortgagor’s Cost Breakdown
22 FIN-150 Construction Draw Schedule
  FIN-150I Instructions for Construction Draw Schedule
23 MHDC Guidelines for Preliminary Financing Commitments
24 Asset Management Forms
25 Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan
27 Management/Maintenance Plan - See Exhibit A-1 here
28 Tax Credit Lease Addendum - See Exhibit O here
  HOME Lease Addendum - See Exhibit R here
29 FIN-117 Lease-up Schedule
31 Relocation Guidelines and Forms
32 Section 3 Guidelines
34 Homeownership Policy
  Waiver Form





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