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Section 811 PRA Program



The Section 811 Project-Based Rental Assistance (PRA) Program provides project-based rental assistance
for extremely-low income persons with disabilities who are between the ages of 18 and 62. The goal of
this program is to expand the number of supportive housing units available in order to promote the
integration of low-income people with disabilities into the community who might otherwise be
institutionalized or become homeless. Missouri Housing Development Commission is partnering with
the Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH) and the Missouri Department of Social Services (DSS)
to administer Missouriís 811 PRA program.

Eligibility Requirements
Section 811 PRA Program funds will be used to provide project-based rental assistance to eligible
persons referred by the Missouri Department of Social Services and the Missouri Department of Mental
Health. Eligible applicants include extremely low-income households comprised of one or more adults
between the ages of 18-62 with a disability and who are Medicaid recipients.
Eligible properties for the Section 811 PRA program may be new construction, rehabilitation, or existing
multifamily properties and owned by a nonprofit, public or a private entity.

Funding Availability
MHDC was awarded a grant through HUDís Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities
Program to administer the Section 811 PRA program in the State of Missouri for five years. MHDC will
release a Notice of Funding Availability process to award Section 811 PRA funds to projects.

For More Information Contact:
Julie Smith, HUD Programs Manager
Phone: 816-759-7265