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Rental Production


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> Affordable Housing Assistance Program (AHAP)



Index of Forms Production Credits


The following guides and forms are to be referenced and utilized appropriate to the activity related to the allocation of Production credits.  A checked box indicates the guide/form is applicable to the production type according to the following key:


M/F  -     Multifamily rental properties

E/T   -     Emergency shelter/transitional housing

S/F    -    Single-family for-sale properties

R/A   -     Rental assistance


  M/F E/T  S/F R/A 
AHAP-130 Services/Materials Affidavit o
AHAP-135 Affidavit of Worker Eligibility Policy
AHAP-200 Progress Report
AHAP-225 Extension Request Form
AHAP-250 Increase Request Form
AHAP-300 Tax Credit Accountability Act Reporting Form
AHAP-305 Job Creation Addendum
AHAP-320 Rental Assistance Calculation Worksheet  (Properties Outside Designated Metropolitan Areas) o o o
AHAP-325 Rental Assistance Annual Review 
(Properties in Designated Metropolitan Areas only)
o o o
AHAP-330 Schedule of Rental Assistance Payments Due o o o
AHAP-350 Agency Affordable Housing Activities Annual Reporting Form o
AHAP-355 Owners Certificate of Continuing Compliance UPDATED 03-10-2020 o o o
AHAP-356 Annual Occupancy Reporting o o o
AHAP-360 Tenant Income Certification o o o
AHAP-365 Unit Certification o o o
AHAP-370 Homebuyer Income Certification   o o o
AHAP-371 Home Sale Certification o o o
AHAP-372 Single Family Notice of Change of Ownership o o o
AHAP-373 SF Recertify No Sale o o o o
AHAP-375 Certification of Actual Costs 
(waived for LIHTC properties and acquisition-only activities)
AHAP-405 Sample File Checklist - Production

AHAP-450 Release of LURA Request Form



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