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Workforce Eligibility Policy, Compliance Handbook and Affidavit


Current Information

On September 17, 2010, the MHDC Board of Commissioners adopted a new Workforce Eligibility Policy that replaces any and all previously existing policies. The new policy is effective immediately and applies to all developments, including future developments, developments that have already been approved, developments that have not yet begun construction, and developments that have begun construction but are not yet complete. All provisions of previous policies that are not included in the new policy will no longer be required.

A file containing copies of the new policy, handbook, contract language, and affidavit is below. Please review these materials carefully. Please note that the only documentation that will be submitted to MHDC will be the affidavit and proof of using E-Verify. No other documentation will be submitted to MHDC. However, any company that has already submitted an affidavit will not be required to resubmit a new affidavit on the revised form. Please also note that all persons performing labor are required to complete OSHA construction safety training. Persons who have previously completed the training will not be required to complete the training again, but must be able to produce proof of prior completion. Each person must complete OSHA construction safety training within sixty (60) days of commencing work.

Any 1% escrow funds held pursuant to previous workforce eligibility policies will be released within sixty (60) days upon request.

On-site inspections will continue. Inspectors will approach persons performing labor on site and will request the personís name and employer, and will request that the person produce proof of completion of OSHA construction safety training.